About Suzanne Todd

I am a partner in the family team at Withers. I handle both high-value international and ‘England-centric’ cases often with an Italian element as well as sensitive children related matters. I bring the skills of a trained Mediator and Collaborative lawyer to each case and have often used the Collaborative process to negotiate pre-nups. I am ranked in all leading legal directories. For further info visit: http://www.withersworldwide.com/people/suzanne-todd

Maintenance payments: Can’t pay or won’t pay

The extent to which a parent should take financial responsibility for their child is an issue on which most people have a strong opinion. In his recent decision of Green v Adams [2017] EWFC 2017(read full judgment here) Mr Justice Mostyn made his position pretty clear, saying of Mr Adams ‘his parsimonious approach to the support of his son is little short of scandalous.’ Continue reading

‘Never too late to settle’ – The final judgment in Wyatt v Vince [2016]

You will be aware of the bizarre and unusual facts of this ‘new age traveller turned eco- millionaire’ case from the extensive press coverage it has received through its journey to the Supreme Court and now as the parties have reached settlement, so we will not recite them now. Continue reading

Same Sex unions – the latest European development

It is clear that there is a growing recognition across Europe, and worldwide, of the right for same-sex couples to obtain legal recognition of their unions and to be granted the rights and responsibilities that such relationships enjoy. In addition to 24 of the 47 Council of Europe member States enacting legislation permitting same-sex couples to have their relationship recognised as a legal marriage or as a form of civil union or registered partnership, legislation has also been adopted in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and Uruguay.

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Handling the heat over Summer Holidays: Tips for separated parents

Each year the school summer holidays roll around, eagerly anticipated by children and providing a considerable source of stress for parents. Deciding what to do with children for four to eight weeks each year is not easy and for separated parents the difficulties are increased. Arrangements that work well during the school term may need to be changed during the holidays and so flexibility and communication is key.

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We always want someone to blame…

Debunking the myth of the common law marriageLast week, Baroness Hale of Richmond repeated her call for a ‘no fault divorce’ procedure. It is as long as 20 years ago when she was at the Law Commission that she first made this plea, but it has continued to fall on deaf ears. Her proposal is that there is a year long cooling off period during which financial issues and issues relating to the children are resolved and then the divorce is granted. Continue reading

Until social media do us part

Till social media do us part It is late at night, your mobile phone is glued to the palm of your hand and you are flicking through news, emails and assorted forms of social media.  Given the simplicity and speed with which various applications can be accessed, it is easy to let work and private life merge into one.  Easy, in fact, to like that photo of an old flame or send that flirty email to a work colleague.  In 2014, it is important to consider how private our private lives really are and how our actions on social media might impact on our relationships. Continue reading