Maintenance payments: Can’t pay or won’t pay

The extent to which a parent should take financial responsibility for their child is an issue on which most people have a strong opinion. In his recent decision of Green v Adams [2017] EWFC 2017(read full judgment here) Mr Justice Mostyn made his position pretty clear, saying of Mr Adams ‘his parsimonious approach to the support of his son is little short of scandalous.’ Continue reading

SEC Suspends Enforcement of Certain Provisions of Conflict Minerals Rule, Increases Certain JOBS Act Caps and Releases Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations Relating to Regulation A Offerings

by Shudan Zhou and Jeanne Solomon

This week’s corporate law news roundup includes discussions of the SEC’s suspended enforcement of some of the conflict minerals rule’s most onerous provisions; the SEC’s action to increase the JOBS Act caps to adjust for the inflation that resulted in a $1.07 million crowdfunding cap and $1.07 billion cap on revenues of “emerging growth companies”; and the SEC’s newly released Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations (C&DIs) on Regulation A offerings.

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The inequality of civil partnerships

The first opposite-sex civil partnership was celebrated in the Isle of Man recently between Adeline Cosson and Kieran Hodgson. They said they wanted to ‘keep it simple’ rather than have a traditional wedding and that, although they do want to marry one day, it is not what they want now. Whilst the Isle of Man is a Crown Dependency, it is not part of the UK and has different laws. It is the only place in the British Isles which allows and recognises opposite-sex civil partnerships. Continue reading

The dawn of a new era for resolving disputes in relation to children

We have a lot to celebrate with the recent launch of the new Children Law Arbitration Scheme. Thanks to the introduction of this new form of dispute resolution, arbitration can be used in children cases to find fast, effective and flexible solutions. Continue reading

‘Never too late to settle’ – The final judgment in Wyatt v Vince [2016]

You will be aware of the bizarre and unusual facts of this ‘new age traveller turned eco- millionaire’ case from the extensive press coverage it has received through its journey to the Supreme Court and now as the parties have reached settlement, so we will not recite them now. Continue reading

Family Arbitration is no dress rehearsal: it is the first and last night of the show…Mostyn J’s decision in DB v DLJ

Mostyn J’s judgment in DB v DLJ last week deals with the routes of challenge and appeal available for those with family arbitral awards. It is a legal treasure-trove, full of jewels for the practitioner: a thorough scrutiny of the arbitral process in both civil and family cases; an in-depth analysis of the court’s power to interfere with an arbitral award; judicial guidance on what constitutes a mistake or unforeseeable event; and procedural guidance for those seeking to enforce or challenge an arbitral award. Continue reading

Fashion Forward: Thinking ahead to protect reputation and brand

Fashion: it’s about how we look on the outside, turning heads and making a statement without opening our mouths. At the same time, fashion is about how we feel on the inside, enveloped in confidence when wrapped in our favourite item. Continue reading

Does anonymising children judgments go far enough to protect children?

Privacy in family proceedings

We are now all online – and (like it or not) we all have an online presence. Sometimes that online presence is cultivated and willingly shared. Sometimes it is as a consequence of unwanted publicity. By using key internet search terms, people are more easily identifiable and traceable than ever before. This has a direct impact on the effectiveness of anonymising family Court judgments, when certain key facts in the case can reveal by searching on ‘Google’ who the parties are (and perhaps, consequently, where they live). Continue reading