Gender pay in focus: snapshot due

Yesterday, which was the first gender pay gap snapshot date under the gender pay gap reporting rules that are now coming into effect, employers that are affected by the new rules will be preoccupied with collecting the raw data from which their statistics will need to be compiled. Continue reading

Social media: anti-social, criminal but also tolerable

Where once news was obtained from the inky-print of hard copy newspapers and from cracking RP voices over the wireless, today social media is the voice that seems to shout the loudest. And in shouting loudly, or quietly, on social media, those who abuse it and infringe the rights of others may well be acting unlawfully. But when does a tweet become a criminal offence, or a blog merit a spell in prison? Continue reading

It’s good to talk…. (the co in ‘co-parenting’ really stands for ‘communication’)

Marital breakdown affects more than just the divorcing spouses. It has a ripple effect over the whole life of the couple, and most importantly on any children of the family. Just because a spouse becomes an ex that does not mean that they become any less of a parent. However, we are all human and this distinction may be difficult to make when going through the emotional quagmire of a divorce. Continue reading