Is it right to have to stay married?

Mr and Mrs Owens have been married for 37 years but sadly Mrs Owens feels that their marriage has irretrievably broken down and petitioned for divorce in 2015.
However, as Mr Owens had not committed adultery, and the parties had not been separated for two years, the only available route was to allege unreasonable behaviour.
This is a fairly standard approach, so far. Continue reading

A single approach to abductions?

The 2015 case of Re C (internal relocation) appeared at the time to dramatically alter, and simultaneously clarify, the approach to be taken by the courts in relocation cases. Re C seemed to state that whether a relocation is internal or international, the same principles will be applied by the court in determining whether the move is to be permitted. This therefore provided clarity to a line of case law providing variable interpretations as to the weight to be placed on such factors as the intentions of the relocating parent. Continue reading

It’s good to talk…. (the co in ‘co-parenting’ really stands for ‘communication’)

Marital breakdown affects more than just the divorcing spouses. It has a ripple effect over the whole life of the couple, and most importantly on any children of the family. Just because a spouse becomes an ex that does not mean that they become any less of a parent. However, we are all human and this distinction may be difficult to make when going through the emotional quagmire of a divorce. Continue reading