Dealing with non-disclosers

Dealing with non-disclosersCertainty is undoubtedly a priority for the majority of people who have finally come to the end of lengthy, costly and exhausting financial proceedings. Courts are aware of the of importance finality, which is why appeals are only available in limited circumstances, why a ‘clean break is to be encouraged wherever possible’ (as per Sir Mark Potter in VB v JP [2008] EWHC 112 (Fam)) and why there is a high threshold to cross when persuading the court to set aside an order. Continue reading

Zero Tolerance

Zero tolerance: the Courts are showing no mercy to lawyers who do not stick to the letter of the rules following the implementation of the Jackson reforms earlier this year. A recent Court of Appeal judgment heralded what many consider the biggest shake up to the profession in years. Due to the late filing of a cost budget, lawyers for Andrew ‘Plebgate’ Mitchell will not be allowed to recover their significant costs in his defamation case against the police, even if Mr Mitchell is successful. Continue reading

Ignorance of the law is no defence

As every lawyer knows, ignorance of the law is no defence. In the past week or so, I have found myself irritated by the press and politicians’ inability to refer to employment law without making a hash of it. In fact, their tendency to misunderstand the law (deliberately or otherwise) is not peculiar to the employment law field, but, as an employment lawyer, that is what riles me most. Continue reading

Hacked off: Court of Appeal delivers death blow to attempts to stall cross-party charter

The bell tolled on the Press Standards Board of Finance’s (PressBoF) endeavours to stall the sealing of the cross-party royal charter on press regulation late on Wednesday afternoon. Continue reading

Refused – Emergency injunction to stop the Queen…

Lord Justice Richards and Mr Justice Sales today refused to grant the injunction sought by the newspaper industry to prevent the Privy Council from sealing the cross party agreed Royal Charter on press regulation. It did not, they found, have an arguable case to challenge rejection of its own proposals for a rival charter. As the meeting of the Privy Council during which the cross party charter is to be sealed is due to take place this afternoon, it is expected that an emergency appeal to the Court of Appeal will be made by the press.Riesen Aqua Aufblasbare Wasserpark