Ashley Madison – view from the Divorce Court

If you found out that your spouse was on the Ashley Madison dating website, would you want to divorce? Yes, no, maybe? Whatever you might choose to do, it raises the question of whether membership of the website is sufficient from a legal perspective to petition for divorce.

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The Curious Incident of the Italian Divorce Fraud – The Rapisarda Files

The most recent judgment in Rapisarda v Colladon [2014] EWFC 35 (the facts for which seem to have been lifted from a theatrical sit-com, rather than the daily cause list) was handed down this week by the President Munby P. Continue reading

Divorce tourism – why England is the destination of choice

Divorce tourism – why England is the destination of choiceIt is August and the streets of London are experiencing that familiar lull with most people getting away from the city for a holiday. Whilst London and the rest of Britain generally might not be the holiday destination of choice for most jet setters – it continues to be the destination of choice all year round for getting divorced. Continue reading

A Bonus for Bankers

A Bonus for BankersFor bankers the ruling in the recent divorce case of P v P is a real bonus.

The High Court directed that when ordering maintenance payments on marriage breakdown the proper approach to division of income that included a bonus was to fix a monthly amount to meet the Claimant’s basic need from the paying party’s salary and to award an annual top up from the bonus as a percentage of the net bonus, but subject to a cap (in this case, relatively modest) on the total. Continue reading