Maintenance payments: Can’t pay or won’t pay

The extent to which a parent should take financial responsibility for their child is an issue on which most people have a strong opinion. In his recent decision of Green v Adams [2017] EWFC 2017(read full judgment here) Mr Justice Mostyn made his position pretty clear, saying of Mr Adams ‘his parsimonious approach to the support of his son is little short of scandalous.’ Continue reading

The family court: ‘a court of law, not of morals’

The family court: ‘a court of law, not of morals’There are certain principles that you cannot, and should not avoid, as a family lawyer. One of the most important is fairness – at the very heart of family law in this country is the idea that the court should be able to look at all the circumstances of a particular case and make a decision that is fair. Continue reading

Term time is over!

School holidays (particularly the Summer ones) are a reminder to any primary carer that children will continue to impact on your earning capacity (or certainly your income) long past the time when they reach school age. The costs involved in looking after children when they are not at school, are not to be underestimated. Continue reading