Maintenance payments: Can’t pay or won’t pay

The extent to which a parent should take financial responsibility for their child is an issue on which most people have a strong opinion. In his recent decision of Green v Adams [2017] EWFC 2017(read full judgment here) Mr Justice Mostyn made his position pretty clear, saying of Mr Adams ‘his parsimonious approach to the support of his son is little short of scandalous.’ Continue reading

Maintenance – till death us do part?

When you exchange vows on your wedding day it is with the hope and intention that your marriage will be ’till death us do part’.

If those intentions and hopes sadly do not pan out, on a divorce the financially weaker party’s hope and intention will often be for there to be spousal maintenance ’till death us do part’. But, will it? Continue reading

Comparing countries – more on maintenance

Comparing countries – more on maintenanceIn a two-part analysis, we compared how different jurisdictions dealt with spousal maintenance. The countries surveyed were California; Cyprus; England and Wales; France; Germany; Ireland; Italy, Jersey; Malta, New York; New Zealand; Portugal; Scotland; South Africa; Spain and Switzerland. Continue reading