Mediation: the first step for resolving divorce

Separating can be very stressful, with opposing points of view on lots of issues making it difficult to reach agreement with your partner on the essential aspects of your divorce. But there is an alternative way to make these decisions without having to fight them out step-by-step in court: mediation.

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The art of negotiating divorce settlements

A good divorce is one that is as painless as possible. Sorting the finances out can be a painful part of the divorce process. The cost – both financial and emotional – of court litigation should not be underestimated. The delays in the court system mean that proceedings are often dragged out. Continue reading

What about the children?!

Separating or divorcing is extremely difficult, especially when a couple has children.  As Suzanne Kingston pointed out in her blog post earlier this week (, the process can be even more difficult on the children themselves.  Children do not fully understand what is going on and often take responsibility for what is happening.  It is not uncommon for children to blame themselves and feel guilty about their parents’ break up and to think ‘my parents are fighting because I’ve been naughty’ or ‘if only I could be better, my parents might stay together’. Continue reading

Sometimes children just need a good listening to…

In many cases concerning arrangements for children, the children involved are mere bystanders and it is difficult to see how this is in the child’s best interests. If a child is sufficiently mature, his or her views about issues that have an impact on their lives should be given centre stage in family proceedings. Continue reading

Is the Meal Ticket for life in tatters?

Is the Meal Ticket for life in tatters?The Court has emphasised that sharing stops on divorce – so logic dictates that with the marriage over, sharing has no place in the assessment of maintenance. The correct goal is to empower individuals, after a divorce, to make the transition to independence. Continue reading

Law Commission report – Part one

The Law Commission will today publish its much awaited report on Matrimonial Property, Needs and Agreements. In its press release entitled ‘Making it easier for separating couples to manage their finances and property’, the Commission sets out its three main aims: Continue reading