Is it right to have to stay married?

Mr and Mrs Owens have been married for 37 years but sadly Mrs Owens feels that their marriage has irretrievably broken down and petitioned for divorce in 2015.
However, as Mr Owens had not committed adultery, and the parties had not been separated for two years, the only available route was to allege unreasonable behaviour.
This is a fairly standard approach, so far. Continue reading

Divorce – your fault or mine?

Divorce - your fault or mine? Wrongly or rightly, getting a divorce in England & Wales is essentially a form filling exercise.  (Sorting out the finances and any matters relating to children is often a different story…)

Providing: (a) you have been married for at least one year; (b) the Court has jurisdiction (and there are no competing jurisdiction issues); (c) the ground of divorce has been established; and (d) the divorce is not being defended (and they seldom are), the Court will grant the divorce.  Continue reading