Milk no object

Shared parental leave – it has been introduced now and is here to stay until someone comes up with a better way of reconciling work, parenthood and the chance for a greater degree of shared participation by parents in the first year of a child’s life. Continue reading

Launch of new press regulator IPSO

Yesterday (8 September) saw the launch of the Independent Press Complaints Commission (IPSO), a new self-regulating body established following the phone-hacking scandal. IPSO will be headed by ex Court of Appeal Judge, Sir Alan Moses, and is backed by the UK’s largest newspaper and magazine groups. Continue reading

Science fiction or science fact?

Science fiction or science fact?That science and new scientific developments are a vital part of our modern society is reflected in one of the changes brought in to defamation law, by the new Defamation Act 2013. We now have a shiny new state of the art defence of qualified privilege in relation to peer-reviewed material published in scientific or academic journals. Continue reading

‘British Justice on trial’ – Phone-Hacking trials commences at Old Bailey

‘British Justice on trial’ - Phone-Hacking trials commences at Old BaileyThe media scrum (pictured) outside the ‘Old Bailey’ Central Criminal Court (and opposite Withers’ London office) on Monday 28 October 2013 marks the start of the phone-hacking trials and a new stage in a scandal that has grown progressively larger since 2007 and has never been far from the headlines since 2011. Continue reading

Emergency injunction to stop the Queen…

Emergency injunction to stop the Queen…The press is not a big fan of injunctions. Except when it suits them that is. And today, it suits them.

This morning, representatives of the press are off to the High Court to seek an injunction to stop the sealing of the cross party Royal Charter on press regulation, which was due to take place today. Continue reading

Knickerbocker Glori-a tees up the right to be forgotten

Knickerbocker Glori-a tees up the right to be forgottenGloria di Piero, the new shadow minister for women and equality, was involved in an attempted cover up last week. But with not a moat or a duck house in sight – this involved an exposé of another sort altogether.

In an article today for The Lawyer, Amber comments:

Royal Charter shenanigans

Royal Charter shenanigansLord Justice Leveson argued in his report on press ethics and standards that the press could not go on ‘marking its own homework’ and that what was needed was independent regulation. Continue reading

Jurors caught out in court

Jurors caught out in courtBeing called to do jury service is a societal duty. And a privilege. Because it is a fundamental plank of our democracy that those charged with criminal offences should be judged not only by a professional judge but by a jury of their peers. Continue reading

The Prince and his Privacy

In case you’ve not heard, there is a new royal baby. As the column inches begin to fill, the airwaves buzz and the cameras are poised to flash and click, what hope for the poor prince and his privacy.

I comment on the Prince and his privacy in The Lawyer and on the Huffington Post. Continue reading

Loose lips sink ships

Loose Lips Sink ShipsThe national media has recently been reporting the exposure of the Harry Potter creator as the thought-to-be first time author of a new novel. To great critical review, ‘Robert Galbraith’ had published his first book, the detective thriller, The Cuckoo’s Calling. However, this was not all that it appeared, because from underneath the magic cloak of anonymity, JK Rowling has had to step forth, unintentionally outed as the author. Given her worldwide public acclaim as best selling children’s author-extraordinaire, publishing in the relatively obscurity of anonymity must have been a liberating experience. So the fact of her status as author of The Cuckoo’s Calling would to her have been priceless and deeply confidential. No doubt she would have preferred had Galbraith stayed slightly longer out of the media glare. Continue reading