Hacked off: Court of Appeal delivers death blow to attempts to stall cross-party charter

The bell tolled on the Press Standards Board of Finance’s (PressBoF) endeavours to stall the sealing of the cross-party royal charter on press regulation late on Wednesday afternoon. Continue reading

Refused – Emergency injunction to stop the Queen…

Lord Justice Richards and Mr Justice Sales today refused to grant the injunction sought by the newspaper industry to prevent the Privy Council from sealing the cross party agreed Royal Charter on press regulation. It did not, they found, have an arguable case to challenge rejection of its own proposals for a rival charter. As the meeting of the Privy Council during which the cross party charter is to be sealed is due to take place this afternoon, it is expected that an emergency appeal to the Court of Appeal will be made by the press.Riesen Aqua Aufblasbare Wasserpark


Emergency injunction to stop the Queen…

Emergency injunction to stop the Queen…The press is not a big fan of injunctions. Except when it suits them that is. And today, it suits them.

This morning, representatives of the press are off to the High Court to seek an injunction to stop the sealing of the cross party Royal Charter on press regulation, which was due to take place today. Continue reading

Royal Charter shenanigans

Royal Charter shenanigansLord Justice Leveson argued in his report on press ethics and standards that the press could not go on ‘marking its own homework’ and that what was needed was independent regulation. Continue reading

The press is not fit to regulate itself…

This is evidenced by the recent activities of the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday concerning the deceased father of Labour leader, Ed Miliband.

And in light of Monday’s reported decision by the Privy Council sub committee to reject the Royal Charter on regulation proposed by the press, it appears that it agrees. Continue reading

Press Regulation – Leveson overview

The thorny issue of press regulation has been taking up many column inches in the newspapers since the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics got under way.

Law Society Gazette media columnist Amber Melville-Brown, and Withers’ Reputation Management team fellow member Rupert Cowper-Coles were asked to provide an update to the readers of the Gazette, which was published on 8 April 2013. Continue reading