Surf’s up online – but is it safe?

Once there was a time when our mistakes lasted as long as our memories. But today, the internet has become a dominant media channel, and it has a very long (and public) memory. Protecting your privacy and reputation is now more than ever, a complex business. Continue reading

Pulling a sickie can be bad for your employment health

A website previously unbeknown to this female media lawyer at least – TheLADbible – came to my attention when one of its stories gained national tabloid currency in the tabloids this weekend. The simple tale features an employee telling his boss he couldn’t make it to the office: ‘I won’t be in today I think I’ve count (sic) kevs 24 hour bug’. The 24 hour bug, however, may in fact have been a bout of 24 hour boozing. And this was brought to the boss’s attention when he spied a pic of a rather delicate looking staff member propped against a smiling fellow reveller. Problem for our boy is that while she included the snap of her with the culprit in his cups in her Snapchat stories, she was also friends with his boss. Continue reading

Important lessons for transatlantic celebrities

After the whole world debated the identity of a married couple known as ‘PJS’ and ‘YMA’ earlier this year, we wanted to highlight what this latest news actually means for the privacy of you and your global clients in the digital age.  Continue reading

Online abuse – it’s no joke

A man who posted messages on Facebook threatening Tory MP Charlotte Leslie has been sentenced to eight weeks in prison. The MP voted in favour of British airstrikes in Syria but was then subjected to threats which even the defendant’s counsel in mitigation described as ‘despicable’ and as going ‘far beyond any sort of legitimate protest’. Continue reading

The police ‘think digital’ to fight cybercrime

Social media is the new media. And social media is also the new social. Ask ‘next gen’ and they’ll confirm that they arrange their social affairs, speak to their friends – real and virtual – and even conduct relationships, via some electronic gadget or another. But in the same way as they can do in the pub, the gym, or the street, on social media people can get a little anti-social. And reports show that crime is as becoming as virulent in the virtual world as it is on the streets.

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Revenge on revenge porn

Revenge porn is on the up – on both sides of the Pond. And in the US and the UK, steps are being taken to provide real remedies for the victims.

In February this year, the British Government introduced a new law to deal with this unfortunate trend. On the other side of the Pond, an American woman is bringing a landmark case in the ongoing battle against revenge porn. Who will win this war, victim or attacker? James Hockin and Amber Melville-Brown discuss.

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A work-life (social media) balance in the workplace?

A work-life (social media) balance in the workplace?Friday afternoon; stuck in the grey office looking out at the glorious sun, your weather app forecasts a weekend of cold and showers. What’s more, as others plan their Friday night fun, your boss has asked you to finish up a client report that is going to take hours. What do you do? Of course, you take to social media to vent about how your boss is – ahem – a bit of a nuisance. Continue reading

Until social media do us part

Till social media do us part It is late at night, your mobile phone is glued to the palm of your hand and you are flicking through news, emails and assorted forms of social media.  Given the simplicity and speed with which various applications can be accessed, it is easy to let work and private life merge into one.  Easy, in fact, to like that photo of an old flame or send that flirty email to a work colleague.  In 2014, it is important to consider how private our private lives really are and how our actions on social media might impact on our relationships. Continue reading

Amber Warnings – Don’t be socially awkward…

Amber Warnings – Don’t be socially awkward…At our event, Socially Awkward, last night, Daniel Isaac of our employment team, Kenneth Mullen of our IP team and I discussed social media and its legal implications.  We were joined on stage by Phil Lewis of London Strategy Unit.

I spoke about three of the legal weapons that you may find in your armoury to protect you against attacks from others in the online environment; and reminded you that you may find these weapons turned on you. They are the laws of defamation, privacy and harassment.

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