Supreme Court Will Resolve Split Over Regulation S-K Item 303, SEC Rejects Another Proposed Bitcoin ETF Listing, and California Federal Court Grants SEC Preliminary Injunction in Connection with Fraudulent EB-5 Scheme

by Shudan Zhou and Jeanne Solomon

This week’s corporate law news roundup includes discussions of the Supreme Court’s grant of certiorari to resolve a circuit split over whether Regulation S-K Item 303 may give rise to a Section 10(b) securities fraud claim; the SEC’s rejection of a proposed bitcoin ETF listing for a second time in a one-month period; and a California federal court’s grant to the SEC of a preliminary injunction in connection with a fraudulent EB-5 scheme claim.

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Corporate News Weekly Round-Up 5/15/16: Obama Signs Defend Trade Secrets Act Into Law, Defendant-Friendly Changes New York Shareholder Suits in Going Private Transactions and Supreme Court Asked to Rule of Constitutionality of America Invents Act

skylineThis week’s Corporate news includes a new federal law governing trade secrets, new changes favoring defendant in New York Shareholder Suits involving going private transactions by controlling shareholders, and a case that may be reviewed by the Supreme Court that challenges the constitutionality of the American Invents Act.  

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Ex-wife’s 30 year wait for (eco)-windfall

Ex-wife’s 30 year wait for (eco)-windfallYou divorced 23 years ago. Your children are all grown up. You’ve worked hard and done well. Life is good. Then, out of the blue, a solicitor’s letter lands on your doormat. Your ex-wife, who you’ve not seen for years, wants a share of your hard-earned cash. Continue reading