FTC Sues To Enjoin Merger Between Daily Fantasy Sports Sites, DOJ Reverses Stance In Supreme Court Class-Action Waiver, and Trump Policies Cause Risk Related Disclosures To SEC

by Jeanne R. Solomon and Timothy Piscatelli

This week’s corporate law news roundup includes discussions of the Federal Trade Commission’s opposition to the DraftKings and FanDuel merger, the Department of Justice reversal of its stance on class-action waivers, and companies’ approach to SEC risk factor disclosures relating to Trump administration policies.

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Corporate Law Developments (March 16, 2017) New York State Proposes Paid Family Leave Regulations, Trump Signs Second Executive Order Banning Immigration, and SEC to Require Hyperlinks and HTML Format for Public Filings


by Nathan Jew and Jeanne Solomon

This week’s corporate law news roundup includes discussions of the recently-published proposed regulations under the New York Paid Family Leave Law, Trump’s second executive order banning immigration, and the SEC’s adoption of rules requiring hyperlinks and HTML format for public filings.

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Corporate Law Developments (March 7, 2017) First Benefit Corporation Completes Initial Public Offering, California Court Holds that Sarbanes Preempts Attorney-Client Privilege, and Trump Effects Elimination of SEC Resource Extraction Rule

This week’s corporate law news roundup includes discussions of Laureate Education being the first benefit corporation to successfully complete an initial public offering (IPO), a California federal district court’s holding that the protection of whistleblowers under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) preempts the attorney-client privilege, and the elimination by the Trump administration of the SEC’s resource extraction rule.

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Corporate Law Developments (February 21, 2017) Co-ownership of an airplane could affect a director’s independence; Trump’s Executive Order Could Overhaul Dodd-Frank; and Hensarling proposes changes to the Financial CHOICE Act

by  Sheri Yano

This week’s corporate law news roundup includes discussions of the Delaware Supreme Court’s finding in Sandys v. Pincus that co-ownership of an airplane could be a factor in determining a director’s independence; President Trump’s Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System executive order and its potential to overhaul Dodd-Frank; and the Chair of the House Financial Services Committee’s proposed changes to the Financial CHOICE Act. Continue reading

December 14, 2016 Corporate News Update: Federal Court Upholds Make-Whole Premium Payable to Secured Noteholders in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, U.S. Securities Filings Start to Reflect Election-Related Risk Factors, and Patent Trial and Appeal Board Terminates Inter Partes Review Proceedings Between Microsoft and Enfish Resulting in Enfish Victory

by Clinton Jang and Jeanne R. Solomon

This week’s corporate news roundup includes the holding by a U.S. federal appeals court that secured indenture noteholders were entitled to a make-whole premium notwithstanding the issuer’s chapter 11 bankruptcy case, the addition by companies in their securities filings with the SEC of risk factors relating to the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election, and the termination by the PTAB of IPR proceedings as to patent claims between Microsoft Corporation and Enfish LLC, resulting in a non-appealable win for Enfish.

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