Corporate News Items—December 2015

In our global, interconnected, rapidly changing business environment, GCs, CFOs, CEOs, entrepreneurs and other business leaders need to be familiar with both their own areas of expertise and the broader legal and economic developments affecting their businesses.

This Corporate News update aims to present readers with recent key developments in relevant economic, transactional and legal matters, including:


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Ashley Madison – view from the Divorce Court

If you found out that your spouse was on the Ashley Madison dating website, would you want to divorce? Yes, no, maybe? Whatever you might choose to do, it raises the question of whether membership of the website is sufficient from a legal perspective to petition for divorce.

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Prince George – To Pap or Not to Pap?

You’ve heard the story of the princess and the pea – the delicate princess distressed and discomforted by a tiny vegetable under myriad mattresses? This is the story of the prince and the ‘p’ – ‘p’ for paparazzi – distressed and discomforted by a minority of media taking and publishing pictures of him without his consent.

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Another door closes on LLP members’ rights

My clients have often been surprised by how few rights they had as LLP members but delighted when I mentioned the most powerful weapon in the aggrieved partners’ armoury. Last week, however, the High Court inspected that weapon for the first time and concluded it did not work. Continue reading

Withers team take on Snowdon challenge

This weekend, a 15-strong team of adrenaline junkies from Withers will take on the challenge of conquering Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales.

However, this is no ordinary climb – one member of the team, Tim, is a wheelchair user and so this means they’ll be faced with pushing, pulling, climbing and wheeling to the summit and back down again.

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Revenge on revenge porn

Revenge porn is on the up – on both sides of the Pond. And in the US and the UK, steps are being taken to provide real remedies for the victims.

In February this year, the British Government introduced a new law to deal with this unfortunate trend. On the other side of the Pond, an American woman is bringing a landmark case in the ongoing battle against revenge porn. Who will win this war, victim or attacker? James Hockin and Amber Melville-Brown discuss.

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