Surf’s up online – but is it safe?

Once there was a time when our mistakes lasted as long as our memories. But today, the internet has become a dominant media channel, and it has a very long (and public) memory. Protecting your privacy and reputation is now more than ever, a complex business. Continue reading

December 14, 2016 Corporate News Update: Federal Court Upholds Make-Whole Premium Payable to Secured Noteholders in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, U.S. Securities Filings Start to Reflect Election-Related Risk Factors, and Patent Trial and Appeal Board Terminates Inter Partes Review Proceedings Between Microsoft and Enfish Resulting in Enfish Victory

by Clinton Jang and Jeanne R. Solomon

This week’s corporate news roundup includes the holding by a U.S. federal appeals court that secured indenture noteholders were entitled to a make-whole premium notwithstanding the issuer’s chapter 11 bankruptcy case, the addition by companies in their securities filings with the SEC of risk factors relating to the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election, and the termination by the PTAB of IPR proceedings as to patent claims between Microsoft Corporation and Enfish LLC, resulting in a non-appealable win for Enfish.

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Another door closes on LLP members’ rights

My clients have often been surprised by how few rights they had as LLP members but delighted when I mentioned the most powerful weapon in the aggrieved partners’ armoury. Last week, however, the High Court inspected that weapon for the first time and concluded it did not work. Continue reading

The police ‘think digital’ to fight cybercrime

Social media is the new media. And social media is also the new social. Ask ‘next gen’ and they’ll confirm that they arrange their social affairs, speak to their friends – real and virtual – and even conduct relationships, via some electronic gadget or another. But in the same way as they can do in the pub, the gym, or the street, on social media people can get a little anti-social. And reports show that crime is as becoming as virulent in the virtual world as it is on the streets.

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Withers team take on Snowdon challenge

This weekend, a 15-strong team of adrenaline junkies from Withers will take on the challenge of conquering Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales.

However, this is no ordinary climb – one member of the team, Tim, is a wheelchair user and so this means they’ll be faced with pushing, pulling, climbing and wheeling to the summit and back down again.

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Revenge on revenge porn

Revenge porn is on the up – on both sides of the Pond. And in the US and the UK, steps are being taken to provide real remedies for the victims.

In February this year, the British Government introduced a new law to deal with this unfortunate trend. On the other side of the Pond, an American woman is bringing a landmark case in the ongoing battle against revenge porn. Who will win this war, victim or attacker? James Hockin and Amber Melville-Brown discuss.

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