Title Date Contact
Tax avoidance schemes: the balance between avoidance and evasion 19 December 2014 Tessa Lorimer
No safe havens 19 December 2014 Maurice Martin
Leaving America for good – record numbers of American expatriate after IRS crackdown on Americans living abroad 19 December 2014 Shannon Smith Retzke
June is coming - a brief reminder that FBAR e-filing is now mandatory 19 December 2014 Shannon Smith Retzke
HMRC introduces strict liability offence for non-disclosure of tax 19 December 2014 Tessa Lorimer
New Australian Alliance | Withers SBL 18 December 2014 Rita Chowdhury
Obligations for approved persons don’t stop at the office door 17 December 2014 Colin Smith
Update on VAT and direct mail 16 December 2014 Graham Elliott
Debitori ipotecari in default 15 December 2014 Andrea Luciano
Saint Kitts & Nevis Passport Update 15 December 2014 Reaz H. Jafri
Immigration Act 2014 – Compliance by private landlords 12 December 2014 Paul Brecknell
Don’t fall into the net…Contribution Clause 12 December 2014 Paul Brecknell
Solar PV: key points for landowners 12 December 2014 Paul Brecknell
VAT Clauses 12 December 2014 Graham Elliott
Sentencing Council consultation on new draft guideline for regulatory offences 10 December 2014 Anne Davies

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