An overview

Is your company in good shape?

Are your governance and incorporation documents sitting untouched on a dusty shelf?

Do these key documents accurately reflect the position of your company's directors and shareholders as they understand it to be?

When the going gets tough, how will you deal with re-negotiating your commercial contracts?

If an opportunity arises, will your company be in good enough shape to sell without a lengthy due diligence process and an onerous set of warranties and indemnities?

Now, more than ever, with increased regulation and changes to commercial law coming from all quarters and new penalty regimes for non-compliance applied by HMRC, Companies House and the Financial Services Authority, the importance of ensuring the proper governance and health of your company and its commercial relationships is paramount.

Its time to get into shape!

Whether your company is flourishing, or needs to make some difficult decisions, our team of experts is at hand with a breadth and depth of experience and expertise to advise you on all aspects of company and commercial law.

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