Preserving privacy

‘Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite’

Marlon Brando

With 7 billion people on the planet, we need to stand out from the crowd, which is why the protection of our reputation is so important to us. But by the same token, in a crowded world we also need the time and the space to fade into the background and to live out our corporate lives without fear of intrusion from the tittle-tattling tabloids. Yet with a gossip hungry press and the rise of the Internet, privacy has never been at greater risk.

Domestic law and the European Convention on Human Rights offer legal means for keeping confidential information confidential. Our team are leading practitioners in privacy and breach of confidence claims.

Privacy / misuse of private information / breach of confidence

Whether or not they live in the public eye, an individual who has a reasonable expectation of privacy may restrain the publication of private information by third parties. And confidential information that the recipient knew or ought to have known was confidential can be protected from unauthorised disclosure. Information capable of protection can range from health and medical matters, information about children, relating to intimate relationships including sexual matters, to financial and business affairs.

How we can help

Private and confidential information must be fastidiously protected, or risk losing its private or confidential status forever. If you fear the exposure of private or confidential information and consider that you may need help, do not delay. We are experienced in advising clients on the protection of private information, including the removal of private information from the internet and restraining the publication of private information by third parties, including the media. We will:

  • discretely negotiate undertakings to prevent invasions of privacy;
  • seek swift judicial intervention in the form of an injunction where agreement cannot be reached;
  • advise on the legal implications of you and your devices being tracked, recorded, surveilled, hacked or intercepted by members of the media, or otherwise;
  • advise employers and employees on the scope of confidentiality obligations; from an employer's perspective, in managing the conduct of rogue employees; and from the employee's perspective on the limitations surrounding moving on from a former employer;
  • advise employees and employers on privacy in the workplace, on the monitoring, recording and interception of e-mails, telephone calls and computer data;
  • advise families on confidentiality provisions in staff contracts and agreements with service providers best to protect the family and the home;
  • advise on the pitfalls (as well as the advantages) of social networking, and the remedies available when private and confidential information is exposed to the world at large;
  • advise spouses in matrimonial proceedings on the protection of their and their children’s private, family and financial matters before, during and after any proceedings.

View our video on how to keep confidential information, confidential

If you have any reputational or privacy concerns, please contact the Media & Reputation team.

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