Private trust companies

We regularly establish private trust companies for families, and for other groups who share a common interest.

The private trust company's sole purpose is to act as trustee to the trust (or group of trusts) belonging to the group; these trusts may be family succession-oriented, commercial or philanthropic in their aims. Typically, clients seek to use private trust companies to achieve some or all of the following: confidentiality, control and influence, reduced costs, and improved protection from fiduciary risk. We also use these entities to hold or operate businesses where an objective is to limit trustee liability.

We have set up private trust companies in many jurisdictions worldwide, both onshore and offshore, including Jersey, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and the Isle of Man. We have also established them in the US to act as trustee of both US domestic and non-domestic trusts, and have advised on the US tax implications when family members or other US citizens have a role in the administration of the underlying trusts managed by the company.

Recent work

  • Setting up private trust companies in Jersey and the Cayman Islands for a family that owned and managed a number of global businesses, to ensure that control was retained at the right level and that the business could be passed down for the benefit of future generations.
  • Establishing a private trust company to act as trustee of a purpose trust to be run as a non-profit organization. The structure of the private trust company ensured that privacy was retained while key commercial decisions were taken by the right people.
  • Establishing a private trust company in Bermuda to act as trustee of settlements that own a substantial UK retail business as well as other assets worldwide.

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