Reputation management

The media - and the public - are fascinated with the personal lives of successful international families. While such families expect media coverage of their business ventures, provided that it is positive and accurate, they do not welcome its attention on private or confidential matters. Both for security reasons, and because they want to lead normal, low-profile lives as far as possible, our clients guard their privacy.

News travels fast, particularly where the Internet is involved. Information anywhere is information everywhere, so a speedy response to any potential negative media coverage, particularly invasions of privacy, is essential.

Members of our team have acted for many years both for and against the media, in cutting-edge cases involving reputation issues, including defamation, malicious falsehood, harassment, privacy and confidentiality.

Recent work

  • Advising Sir David Barclay and Sir Frederick Barclay and their family on numerous defamatory publications and obtaining corrections, apologies and damages. Currently advising them on a defamatory letter published in a Channel Island newspaper and on a defamatory publication in a French magazine, with the assistance of a French defamation specialist.
  • Advising a wealthy international family member on a potential defamatory and intrusive publication in an English national newspaper and successfully negotiating with the newspaper to remove the adverse "sting" of the story.
  • Advising several high profile, wealthy individuals about their privacy rights in relation to the publication of their home addresses and details and over the content of articles about their private relationships, including divorce proceedings, due to appear in national newspapers.
  • Advising on harassment, trespass and the monitoring and interception of communications by journalists, private investigators and others.
  • Representing companies over various articles published about alleged malpractices and negotiating published retractions and apologies.

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