Museum exhibitions

We have a long history of representing museums and other cultural institutions in relation to their exhibitions, as well as collectors who are lending to museums for exhibition.

Our team provides an international offering of comprehensive legal services for public and private institutions in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

Museums rely on the firm’s core strength in business transactions, including general business planning, setting up private museums and foundations, ongoing advice, tax-efficient giving to the arts, and gifts and bequests.

We assist both the museums and the art collectors/investors on a broad spectrum of issues ranging from the acquisition of new artworks to matters of governance, gifts and legacies, loans and fund-raising. In addition, we have direct experience with museum-specific issues such as copyright and trademark issues, licensing and merchandising, ownership disputes, Holocaust-era clams, authenticity and attribution disputes, art fraud, repatriation claims, insurance disputes, and the like.

Our in-depth understanding of our clients comes from our experience of working directly with museums globally. Our lawyers have sat on various boards of directors, as in-house counsel and trustee. They have authored major works in the field and have served as members of advisory councils and committees of museums and cultural institutions across world.

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