Attitudes to Wealth report

Attitudes to Wealth: views on how successful people can shape tomorrow's world

As the law firm for success, we understand our clients’ needs and their position in the world. We believe that perceptions of wealth are changing and that now is the right time to take a step back and gain a wider view of how different people across the world view wealthy families and individuals. As wealth inequality continues to intensify, positive and well-informed engagement by the most wealthy in society could make a vital difference to our shared future. Read our report on Attitudes to Wealth.

We spoke to 19 cultural opinion-formers across the US, Europe and Asia to gain their insights into a host of issues connected to wealth, including:

  • whether wealth inequality is distorting views of the wealthy, and whether wealth continues to trickle down through the economy;
  • how the wealthy contribute to society through philanthropy and other uses of wealth;
  • how best to structure tax systems to support societies’ needs;
  • striking the right balance between transparency and privacy;
  • managing inheritance, succession and the engagement of the next generation; and
  • the growth of ethical investing and other socially responsible activities.

Our interviewees were:

MacKenzie Bezos | Philanthropist and novelist, founder of Bystander Revolution
Brad Blakeman | Fox News contributor, owner of the 1600 Group Consulting Business,
adviser to Ronald Reagan and both Bush administrations
Nicholas Bloom | Eberle Professor in the Department of Economics at Stanford University
Harry Cheadle | Senior Editor, Vice Media
Allie Conti | Senior Staff Writer, Vice Media
Michael D Tanner | Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

Mahesh Bhupathi | Founder of Zeven, former India national tennis professional
Genevieve Cua | Supervising Editor, The Business Times
Shannon Kalayanamitr | Venture Partner, Gobi Partners and founder of Orami
Kunio Kikuchi | CEO, Sekai Holdings Co.
Donna Leong | Managing Director and Head of Marketing and Sales, Asia, Citi Private Bank
Richard McGregor | Senior Fellow, Lowy Institute

Grace Blakeley | Research Fellow, Institute for Public Policy Research
Rebecca Gowland | Head of Inequality Campaigns and Policy, Oxfam
Paul Mason | Journalist, film-maker and author
Patrizia Misciattelli | Founder and CEO of Italian Family Officer Association
Anthony Papadimitriou | President, Onassis Foundation
Matthew Parris | Columnist, The Times
Tom Watson | Deputy Leader, The Labour Party

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