Bringing or defending defamation claims

Defamatory, false and malicious allegations can cause serious harm to your personal and professional reputation, whether hurled across the boardroom table, tweeted or published in print media.

You may find yourself the subject of publications that attack your professionalism, morality, competence or ethics.

The law of defamation provides remedies where such misinformation has been published, causing substantial harm to your reputation. While some statements, although not defamatory, may be false and still cause damage and actual financial loss.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of defamation – libel and slander – and malicious falsehood. We advise clients on action to take and remedies available pre- and post-publication, whether in traditional print publications, via social media or other publications and broadcasts.

We will seek to secure the removal of inaccurate, misleading, distorted and/or defamatory content from online media and obtain retractions, clarifications, corrections and apologies there and in print-edition publications and broadcasts.

A key aim is also to obtain undertakings from third-parties not to repeat inaccurate, misleading, distorted and/or defamatory information or allegations.

When necessary, we will issue or defend proceedings, negotiate on your behalf, mediate or arbitrate and/or represent you in court.

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