Emerging markets

Due to consulting private investors and a leading private client practice, Withers is at the forefront of offering advice to clients on new emerging markets. Our in depth knowledge of and experience in the corporate, IP, tax and real estate markets, has allowed us to be continuously involved with new emerging markets and the challenges and opportunities they bring to our clients. Our current knowledge allows us to constantly stay update with new knowledge and keep our clients current on new matters involving their business and personal endeavors. Our Withers group is at the forefront of assisting clients in the adaption of new technologies and advising on the impact a new field will have on the current market. Withers also continues to lead the way in remaining vigil about new regulatory structures and the impact they have on a client’s matters. Our experts are dedicated to continuing their leadership in new emerging markets and to continue the success of their current and future clients.


The regulatory environment concerning the legal cannabis and hemp markets have dramatically evolved as various countries and states in the U.S. begin to shift towards legalizing the cannabis industry, prompting its rapid growth in recent years.

Having collaborated with global entrepreneurs, private and institutional investors in this emerging market space, Withers has a wealth of knowledge and experience in navigating through shifting regulatory environments concerning the cannabis industry. We are committed to building sustainable corporate infrastructures and systems for our clients that are compliant with relevant regulations to ensure their long-term development and success.

Scope of Services


Obtain relevant licenses and permits for growers, processors and dispensaries.

Capital Raising

Assist clients in raising and deploying domestic capital and cross-border capital, as well as set up appropriate investment vehicles pertinent to the cannabis industry.


Design tax efficient corporate structures tailored to each client’s unique circumstances as part of the corporate formation process.


Assist clients in securing domestic and cross-border commercial loans, private loans, and financing transactions involving cannabis business targets.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Advise on all commercial transactions involving private investments, mergers, acquisitions and disposals related to cannabis businesses.

Real Estate

Advise on commercial real estate financing, acquisition and leasing as well as issues related to zoning, land use and facilities construction.

Regulatory Compliance

Prepare filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other relevant agencies.


Advise clients on corporate governance for private and public companies in the cannabis industry. Design internal control protocols to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and laws.

Tax Planning

Federal and state tax planning, strategizing and advice; IRS filings and audits, with focus on IRS Section 280E.


Advise on employment or other independent contractor or consulting arrangements, design equity and other incentive schemes, benefits, compliance, tax matters and handle investor relations.

Dispute Resolution

Prepare patent registration and trademarks application, handle intellectual property enforcement actions and licensing protections.

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We are excited about the great market opportunities that the emerging tech industry presents us. As technology further develops and evolves, it continues to redefine and disrupt conventions in all industries spurring the emergence of the FinTech industry.

We know the risks and costs related to the replacement of legacy infrastructures with new technology and platforms. To better serve our clients in the tech industry, and more specifically, in the FinTech space, Withers has added a team of tech focused lawyers to form WithersTech in 2018. Joining forces with WithersTech, our global, multi-disciplinary team of lawyers work seamlessly to provide precise and efficient legal solutions that are specific to our FinTech clients.

We represent global entrepreneurs, private and public capital, early-stage start-ups, family offices as well as established financial institutions to address challenges presented in the shifting regulatory landscape that affect the FinTech industry.

Scope of Services

We advise on the following areas, including:

  • Blockchain/Distributed ledger technology
  • Web 3 distributed technology
  • Digital products, platforms and related services
  • Cybersecurity issues
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Corporate finance and commercial activities involving FinTech
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Public company work

Meet the team

Blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contracts technology

The distributed ledger technology behind Blockchain is a major driving force behind the explosive growth of the FinTech industry and related business sectors. Backed by our global team of lawyers from the corporate, securities, tax and technology groups, Withers is well-equipped to serve our clients as we navigate through the fast-changing business and regulatory landscape involving Blockchain technology.

Scope of Sevices


Advise on Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), token genesis and other methods of cryptocurrency fund raising.

Currency Conversion

Advise on money transmission, currency conversion or other similar money services arrangements, including overseeing and advising on any related KYC and AML aspects.

Corporate and Tax Planning

Design corporate structures suitable for businesses backed by Blockchain technology to enhance international or domestic tax efficiency.

Smart Contracts

Implement smart contracts on Blockchain ecosystems.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with relevant regulatory.