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Our short video explores the challenges of relocation and how the right advice can take away that burden.

Relocating without boundaries

We are fortunate to live in times where seeking opportunities and solutions further afield are so much more possible, allowing successful individuals and their families to live and work around the world without limitations or boundaries. With the benefits that technology delivers, working and staying connected from anywhere is now a practical and real proposition, even for families that find themselves living across continents.

The social and economic consequences of recent events such as the pandemic, Brexit and geopolitical instability have made many review their priorities, including where and how they want to live and work. Whatever the motivations for relocating, we can help you to evaluate your situation and whether a move makes sense for you, your family and your business interests. We can then help you surmount the legal and practical hurdles that moving across international (or even state) borders may bring.

Our services include:

• dealing with visa or passport requirements for you, your family and key employees
• handing sensitive matters around relocation of children on divorce
• structuring your assets and looking after your tax and estate planning affairs
• dealing with contracts with employers and employees
• helping you to buy or rent a home
• managing assets left behind

With years of experience in assisting successful people and business owners relocate, there are few obstacles that we haven’t already helped others to overcome. We have covered some of these issues throughout this page and will be delivering a series of global webinars on this.

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