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Hotly-contested cryptocurrency lawsuit

One of the top digital asset exchanges in the world defeated claims of securities fraud, violations of the Commodities Exchange Act, and common-law fraud, among others, related to the exchange's decision to halt trading of a digital asset in light of an SEC civil lawsuit alleging the issuer of the asset conducted an unregistered securities offering.

Worldwide freezing order secured over sale and ownership transfer of rare Bored Ape NFT

The owner of a rare Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT was distressed when a Metaverse personality attempted to transfer ownership and sell the NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Convincing the Singapore High Court to grant us a worldwide proprietary injunction to freeze the sale and ownership transfer is a legal first in Singapore, and we are also one of the first few law firms to do this in the world.

US$70million awarded to successful investor in claims against Nigeria

Private Chinese investor Zhongshan Fucheng Industrial Investment Co Ltd brought an arbitration claim against Nigeria for breaches of the China-Nigeria bilateral investment treaty, over an investment in a 10,000-hectare free trade zone and a joint venture agreement. The investor was successful on its claims and was awarded significant compensation, including moral damages.

Trial of the century against the Vatican

An Italian/British financier is involved in an international dispute with the Vatican in connection with its investment into a fund that held a landmark Chelsea property. Whilst the Vatican alleges fraud against Mr Mincione and 10 others in its own hearings in the sovereign State, Mr Mincione, together with the fund, is pursuing his claim in the High Court, having won on jurisdiction before the Court of Appeal, seeking declarations about the transaction. This is a multi-faceted dispute, including libel claims over false media reports, that could make history by the Vatican appearing in the English court.

A huge relief for same-sex parents granted equal custody over their children

For the first time in legal history, the High Court in Hong Kong have granted same-sex parents equal custodial rights in respect of their children in this landmark case before the Court of First Instance. We played an important role in this case, working side-by-side to explore all possible options and make sure this application was a success.

Secured funds for Indian princely family in one of the UK's longest running legal battles

His Exalted Highness Nizam VIII of Hyderabad was locked in a 65+ year dispute with the governments of India and Pakistan over funds frozen at Natwest Bank since partition. 7 years after instructing us, Prince Mukarram Jah finally secured access to the funds and subsequent attempts by third parties to lay claim were successfully rebuffed.

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Dealing with your dispute, in private

People often fear pursuing a dispute, but it is important to recognise that in many cases disputes can be resolved away from a court battle and the glare of the media. Not only can a dispute be resolved quickly and as amicably as possible, there can also be significant cost savings.

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