20 June 2019

Creating opportunities: Business and investments in Asia, US, and Europe

In today’s ever-increasing globalization of the world’s economy, investing in jurisdictions around the world can be complicated. Cross border investments have become a challenging area of the law due to cultural variations, different legal systems, political instability, and various other risks.

Our seminar will cover international corporate and tax law considerations for Israeli investors investing in the US, Europe, and Asia; as well as briefly cover how to structure your personal investments globally. Our speakers, Elliot Galler, David Guin, Giulia Cipollini, Mabel Lui and Eric Roose, all of whom are Withers partners from around the globe, will be sharing their knowledge on cross-border investments in their respective jurisdictions.

Please click here to register for this event or email Paula Olsen at Paula.Olsen@withersworldwide.com.

After the seminar, we are hosting a cocktail reception at the Veranda 115 Sunset Lounge Bar. Please join us for some cocktails as the sun sets and come hungry!

L’hitraot… and looking forward to seeing you on Thursday 20 June.

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