17 September 2019

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Free copy of our research report will be provided to all attendees.

Featuring our key note speaker Andrew Marr as well as experts and opinion formers on social trends, our thought leading conference in September 2019 will explore how the attitudes of society to wealth and the owners of wealth are changing, as well as outlining what actions successful people need to take to position themselves in the future.

These issues have never been more relevant for wealth creators and their advisors. Changing perceptions have resulted in increased calls for ‘transparency’ and demands that those with wealth ‘play by the rules’ where they have been deemed not to do so. But, is there now a more deep-seated and prevalent resentment against wealth than in recent years? Some admire the success of the wealthy and think it qualifies them for leadership (such as Donald Trump) while others are strongly opposed to wealth creators (such as French protestors ‘Gilets Jaunes’ or the UK Labour activist movement ‘Momentum’) and makes increased demands for redistributive policies to combat inequality.

We will also be discussing whether the risk of radical redistribution of wealth is increasing, or simply intensifying pressure on individuals and their families and businesses to pay their ‘fair share’ of taxes and use their resources for good, both as an end in itself and as a method of self-protection?

Our conference will discuss what changing attitudes to wealth mean for successful people, and will offer some lessons and advice:

  • Can we define what constitutes a ‘fair share’ of taxes?
  • Do those with private wealth need to be seen by society to be contributing to the public good and not simply paying their taxes?
  • Could such actions change attitudes to wealth or should those with wealth do what they can to protect it and look after their own?
  • Are there different views around the world on what is acceptable and unacceptable tax ‘avoidance’?
  • Do changing attitudes to wealth impact the transfer of wealth in a family from one generation to the next?
  • Are changing perceptions impacting how families manage, invest and use their wealth?
  • How should families protect themselves if something goes wrong?

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Keynote speaker – Andrew Marr

We are delighted to announce that our keynote speaker is well known political reporter and presenter Andrew Marr. Andrew is the host of weekly BBC ‘The Andrew Marr Show’ and the Radio 4 programme, ‘Start the Week’.

Andrew has received many major awards for writing and broadcasting – including for his book History of Modern Britain.

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