07 August 2013

Charity Commission publishes Annual Report

The Charity Commission published its Annual Report and Accounts on 9 July 2013. Sam Younger, the Commission’s Chief Executive, states in the introduction to the Report that the Commission’s workload has ‘remained as wide-ranging and complex as ever’ despite significant cuts to its budget. The Report sets out what the Commission has achieved in 2012-13 under three headlines, which are linked to the Commission’s statutory objectives: charities are held to account (including through registration); charities know what to do; and the public know what charities do.

The report reveals that the Operations teams successfully concluded over 1,200 operational compliance cases in 2012-13, which are those cases that involve serious concerns about the management of charities. The most common issues that arose were: concerns about governance; concerns about financial or funding issues; concerns about charitable status; issues arising from complaints or decision reviews; and serious non-compliance (including concerns about vulnerable beneficiaries). In addition, 15 statutory inquiries were opened in 2012-13, 5 of which have been concluded.

Other key statistics include the fact that the Commission registered 4,714 charities in 2012-13, including 76 CIOs from January to March 2013, and dealt with 596 reports of serious incidents. The report also highlights the Commission’s work in redesigning its website, commissioning research, publishing new guidance on a range of topics and providing workshops for trustees.

The full Report can be viewed online here.

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