08 April 2014

Court of Protection- more judgements to be published

Julia Abrey
Partner | UK

Sir James Munby, the President of the Court of Protection, issued guidance on 16 January 2014 about publication of the judgements of the Court. Although the day to day business of the Court involves some of the most vulnerable in society whose privacy is particularly important, the Court’s decisions are of significant public interest and should be accessible.

Broadly, the President has indicated that judgements of particular interest to the general public will now be in the public domain. These will include those concerning a dispute as to who should act as an attorney or a deputy, whether a vulnerable person should be moved into or out of a residential establishment, applications relating to financial matters of significant value in excess of £1 million and those where the sale of the vulnerable person’s house is an issue.

The increased number of published judgements will be of assistance, not only to professionals working in this area of the law, but also to those who want to know more about what the Court does and the decisions it makes.

Please click here to view the guidance note.

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