19 February 2020

Dolphin Tank: San Francisco | Fashion Tech | Female Entrepreneurs

FEBRUARY 26, 2020
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM PST
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The Dolphin Tank®, hosted by Springboard Enterprises and Withers, is a “friendly-feedback” pitch session for women entrepreneurs.

Springboard Enterprises Dolphin Tank® programs are “helpful feedback-driven” pitch sessions for entrepreneurs to receive constructive insights from knowledgeable professionals. Dolphin Tanks aren’t about sharks, piranhas, dragons, or competing for the best idea – they’re about channeling the expertise of the people in the room.

The Dolphin Tank is an interactive discussion led by an expert panel that focuses on one thing: “How can we help?” The objective is to provide connections and advice to enable entrepreneurs to overcome their challenges and capitalize on their opportunities.

For this Dolphin Tank, we will be selecting and featuring women-led companies in “Fashion Tech.” All stages and types of companies within Fashion Tech will be considered. If you have questions about our criteria or need more information, contact anna@sb.co

Panelists and Speakers:
Gina Bibby, Partner, Withers
David Guin, Partner | Withers
Anna Consani, VP of Community and Strategic Partnerships | Springboard Enterprises
Caitlin Crawford, Engineering program manager | Apple
Paul Dillinger, Vice president, Head of Global Product Innovation and Premium Collection Design & Co., | Levi Strauss & Co.
Janie Yu, Partner | Fung Capital


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