10 November 2017

EU citizens should secure UK permanent residence before Brexit

Tracy Evlogidis
Partner | UK

Many EU citizens living and working in the UK are concerned about the effect that Brexit will have on the residence rights of them and their families. A lot has been said on this subject, but there is very little practical information available on actions that can take right now, and there is much confusion over what the current immigration rules permit.

There are in fact concrete steps that can be taken prior to the UK leaving the EU which will improve the certainty of EU citizens' position. The primary one is to apply now for permanent residence documents, which provide the right for you and your family to stay in the UK, and can be taken further in due course to allow you to apply for full UK citizenship.

In this video, Tracy Evlogidis, who leads our London immigration law team, talks through what you can do now.

Tracy Evlogidis Partner | London