1 January 0001

In this third session, Daniel Tang, Junko Shiokawa and Daniel Yong discussed the Hong Kong limited partnership fund regime and how it will be implemented in comparison to a Singapore limited partnership or the typical Cayman counterpart.

Webinar recording, presentation slides and relevant materials

Webinar recording | available upon request "Webinar | presentation slides":https://marketing.withersworldwide.com/reaction/emsdocuments/HKLPF%20presentation%20slide.pdf "An overview of establishing private equity investment funds in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Cayman Islands":https://marketing.withersworldwide.com/reaction/emsdocuments/Comparative%20Table%20-%20HK%20vs%20SG%20vs%20Cayman.pdf


  • Daniel Tang
  • Junko Shiokawa
  • Daniel Yong

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