03 October 2017

Gambling Commission's Consultation: enhanced transparency for society lottery players

Last month the Gambling Commission concluded its consultation on changes to society lotteries and external lottery manager operating licence requirements. The proposed changes seek to ensure that lotteries are promoted in a fair and open manner and enhance transparency with respect to the use of funds raised through society lottery ticket sales. The consultation set out proposals for new rules for society lottery operators, as well as external lottery managers, to achieve those aims.

The proposals include:

  • requiring publication of the percentage of all lottery ticket sales (proceeds) that are to go directly to the purposes of the society (the good cause); and
  • requiring those promoting lotteries, as part of a branded lottery scheme, to make it clear to players the name of the society whose lottery they are participating in, before they purchase a ticket.

The law requires that a minimum of 20% of a society lottery's proceeds go to good causes.

The consultation closed on 30 September 2017. Any new requirements for society lotteries are expected to come into effect before April 2018. Charities involved in society lotteries need to be ready to implement any changes when announced.

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