19 August 2016

House of Lords Committee call for evidence on charity sector

Alison Paines
Partner | UK

The House of Lords' Select Committee on Charities (the 'Committee') established in May and chaired by Labour's Baroness Pitkeathley has now published its call for evidence in its inquiry into the current state of the charitable sector in England & Wales.

The Committee is carrying out this inquiry following intense scrutiny of charities in the press as well as major changes in the way that charities are operating.

The inquiry is calling for evidence on questions covering a broad scope, namely on:

  • the purpose of charities e.g. their purpose with regards to social cohesion;
  • the pressures and opportunities facing charities;
  • innovation by charities in the context of the digital arena;
  • the governance and leadership of charities, in particular the skills required;
  • the roles of trustees within charities;
  • accountability of charities to beneficiaries, donors and the general public;
  • resource management e.g. learning lessons from mergers/dissolutions of charities in the past;
  • social investment;
  • the role that the Charity Commission, local and national government should play; and
  • lessons from other sectors and countries.

Following the inquiry, the Committee will make recommendations to the UK Government.

The consultation's deadline for written submissions is 5 September 2016. Public hearings will be taking place until December 2016. The Committee's reporting deadline is 31 March 2017.

Responses can be sent via the Committee's website (please click here). 

Alison Paines Partner | London, Cambridge

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