17 May 2019

Losing counsel series: Downes v Downes

Paul Hewitt
Partner | UK

This lunchtime session is open to professionals and others with an interest in succession disputes.

Sibling dispute over investment properties

Helene Pines Richman of 9 Stone Buildings appeared for the Peter Downes and his wife Angela in a dispute with Peter’s brother Tony about who owned three investment properties in Lincoln.

The three properties were registered in Peter and/or Angela’s names for many years. Tony claimed that all three were really his. Peter, a solicitor, and Angela both rejected his claim and argued that in any event too long had passed for Tony to be allowed to bring his claim.

The Judge also had to resolve a dispute between the two brothers as to who owned a vintage Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane car.

Ms Pines Richman will review the legal principles underpinning common intention constructive trusts and how the evidence and arguments led to the Judge to find in favour of Tony (except in relation to the car).

Category: Events

London | 17 May 2019 | 12:45 onwards

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