24 January 2018

International Sports Law and Business Blog: Getting in on the ground floor

Michael A. Rueda
Head of US Sports and Entertainment | US

This article was initially published in March 2017 by Private Asset Management.

Increasingly, athletes and entertainers are making direct investments into early-stage companies instead of investing through capital funds. Investing directly can be lucrative and rewarding, but it also presents unique risks and requires technical exper-tise and industry know-how. Athletes and entertainers shouldn’t make the mistake of relying solely on their inner circle or a non-legal professional, like an agent, for advice on these matters. Engaging an attorney with the background and expertise to review the transac-tion is essential to making an informed investment de-cision. Below are certain legal considerations associat-ed with investing directly into early-stage companies.

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Michael A. Rueda Head of US Sports and Entertainment | New York

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