29 November 2017

LGBTQ+ couples: Know your rights. Are you protected if your relationship breaks down?

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The law can be slow to catch up with real life. Today, if you are in an LGBTQ couple who want to ‘get serious’, its likely that you move in together and cohabit rather than get married. This puts you at greater risk than married couples, because cohabiting couples are not well protected if their relationship breaks down.

We would like the law to change, and in the meantime we want you to know your rights.

Calling for cohabitation law reform

The family law organisation Resolution are doing a great job in calling for change but we hope that more organisations and communities can help spread the word – particularly in the LGBTQ media. We think the law should recognise that living together without being married is fast becoming the most popular choice, and particularly for LGBTQ community. Of 190,000 same sex families living in the UK in 2017, the majority are cohabiting – more than those in same sex marriages (34,000) and civil partnership (55,000).

Please tell your friends, and share this link so people start to think about what might happen if they break up. Use the hashtags #ABetterWay #ModernFamilies

Know your cohabitation rights

If you live together and you are not married, there are lots of resources available to help. You can create a cohabitation agreement to think about how you want to look after your children and your assets if you break up.

How do I make a cohabitation agreement?

Click here for more information about family law and cohabitation questions.

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