20 August 2015

Privacy injuctions not dead

Amber Melville-Brown
Partner | US

Rumours of the death of privacy injunctions have been greatly exaggerated. On the respected media blog here (A judicial 'OK' for celebrity feet of clay) I explain and comment on a recent and important privacy injunction. The judge's decision has been controversial, because it grants a privacy injunction and anonymity, for a sports personality preventing the publication by a former lover of details of their affair. He succeeded, much to the annoyance of the media, notwithstanding that he was in a long-term relationship at the time of the affair, and thus the press felt sure they could argue successfully that he should be exposed as a hypocrite. Not so says the judge. Role models are still entitled to behave like human beings, and the status as a well-known sports personality doesn't necessarily mean that their private lives are up for grabs if the private conduct isn't related to their role. As privacy injunctions had gone off the boil over the last year or so, this decision is sure to heat things up a bit. Read more.

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