21 October 2014

Privacy support

Amber Melville-Brown
Partner | US

Our team offers advice tailored specifically to your needs and will include the practical steps that can be taken to ensure that your vulnerability at the hands of the press and the public is reduced.

Our aim is to work with you as a trusted adviser, either in preparation for and during times of particular sensitivity or on an ad hoc, crisis basis.

Primary-source information

We can review and analyse the information available in the public domain about you, your family and/or your organisation in order to advise on vulnerability and areas of weakness.

Secondary-source information

We can assess how any primary-source information is being used, mis-used, interpreted and commented upon by others.

Take-down of troublesome material

We can take action to attempt to remove private or confidential information published without your authority.

Building a safer future

We will advise on safeguarding you, your family and/or your organisation in respect of your privacy and the protection of your confidential information and will work alongside you, your family office, manager and/or other advisers to handle any sensitive or potentially volatile situations arising out of any privacy infringement or unauthorised disclosure.

Safeguarding your support structure

We can, in conjunction with our employment experts, check that contractual, procedural and training safeguards are in place to protect the private and confidential information belonging and pertaining to you, your family and/or your organisation.

For further information on who is mapping your progress, please follow this link.

If you have any queries on privacy support, please feel free to contact the Media and Reputation team further information.

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