01 May 2017

Private client news - spring edition: charities win Supreme Court case of disputed will

Patricia Milner
Partner | UK

We are still eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court decision in Ilott v Mitson, a landmark case brought by an adult daughter against her mother’s estate.

Following years of estrangement from her daughter, Mrs Ilott’s mother left her entire estate to several animal charities. In the latest Court of Appeal hearing, Mrs Ilott was awarded funds from the estate to enable her to purchase a property and to provide her with a modest capital sum.

The Court of Appeal decision has been seen by many as opening the floodgates for claims by adult children – even those who have been estranged from their parent for years. We don’t think this is the case, but hope to be able to update you on the final chapter of this saga in our next Private Client update.

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