25 October 2017

Swiss breakfast seminars | Dealing with increased regulation

Wednesday 8 November | Withers Geneva Offices
Thursday 9 November | Hotel St. Gotthard

To request a place for either event, please email events@withersworldwide.com and let us know which event you would like to attend.

8.00am – Registration
8.30am – Start
9.30am – Close

Since the recent publication of the draft Finance Bill 2017 and draft Finance Bill 2018-19, measures have been put in place that continue the fight against non-compliant taxpayers putting additional pressure on trustees and intermediaries to ensure that their clients are tax-compliant.

These seminars will focus on the anti-avoidance measures contained in the 'Requirement to Correct' legislation as well as the Corporate Criminal Offence legislation. We will also discuss how the introduction of the UK Register of Trusts will impact offshore trusts.

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