18 November 2010

The charities sector: opportunities ahead?

While he acknowledged that many charities would face funding pressures as a result of government cuts, he urged each charity to ‘focus on what it can do’. He commented that ‘one of the strengths of the sector is its relative flexibility, its agility. Given the right leadership, your charity can innovate and adapt – more easily, more quickly, and more creatively than large public and corporate bodies.’

He encouraged charities to seek partnerships with private sector organisations and to collaborate with one another in order to improve services to beneficiaries and cut costs, observing that ‘a squeezed public sector will be watching every penny they spend even more carefully than before’.

With the announcement on 20 October that the Charity Commission will receive 33% less funding in real terms by 2015, the Commission is also beginning to feel the squeeze. The day after the comprehensive spending review was published, the Commission launched a thorough review of its approach and activities, key priorities and strategic development. The Commission is inviting responses from all those with an interest in the effective regulation of charities. Dame Suzi Leather, Chair of the Commission, remarked that the strategic review ‘is likely to see the Commission changing quite significantly over coming years. We may have to withdraw services, change the way we interact with charities, and refocus our regulatory approach.’ You canemail your comments to the charity commission or complete a survey.

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