04 December 2017

The Fundraising Regulator - Changes to static collection rules

The Fundraising Regulator has updated the Code of Fundraising Practice (the 'Code') in relation to fundraising using static collection boxes and collectors. The changes to the Code have effect immediately and organisations will be expected to become compliant by 31 December 2017.

'The rules have been updated, in the context of a broader consultation by the Fundraising Regulator on data protection within the Code, to demand that organisers of static collections comply with data protection law in the use of their collectors' personal data. The rules on the necessary documentation to be provided by a charity to its volunteers to authorise collection have also been tweaked to protect collectors' data.'

It is now no longer a blanket requirement for a collector's letter, certificate of authority or badge to show their address and signature as well as their name. The detail required will now depend on whether the collectors in question are employees, agency workers, 'on behalf of' or 'in aid of' volunteers. Charities are allowed a further degree of flexibility by the removal of the requirement that each letter, certificate of authority or badge must bear the signature of the 'promoter' for that fundraising.

The rules emphasise that the organiser of a static collection must obtain permission in writing from those with authority to grant it to hold a collection on any premises. This is in line with the Private Site Rulebook for face-to-face fundraising, which was also updated in November 2017 to specify that 'Fundraising must not take place at any location without the express permission of the relevant site owner/manager'. If the collector is different from the organiser it is also their responsibility to ensure the organiser has obtained the necessary permission.

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