12 April 2017

Updates from the Fundraising Regulator: Consultation on the FPS and regulator options in NI

Alison Paines
Partner | UK

The Fundraising Regulator has launched a consultation about developing the Fundraising Preference Service (the 'FPS'), which is scheduled to begin operating very soon. The Regulator may also take on responsibility for fundraising regulation in Northern Ireland, though it is one of two options still being considered by the Northern Ireland Fundraising Regulation Working Group.

The FPS: The FPS will enable individuals to select charities that they no longer want to receive communications from. Registered users will be able to opt out of all direct marketing communications by telephone, email, text and addressed mail from named charities. The opt-out will have the statutory force of a Data Protection Act Section 11 notice to cease direct mail.

The FPS is consulting charities, sector professionals as well as members of the public, and participants of the consultation will be contacted by the Regulator via short, weekly emails and asked to give their opinions on different aspects of the FPS. The consultation seeks participants' views on a wide range of subjects, including the service's appearance and its function.

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