22 May 2018

Where in the world?

In an unpredictable world, where should successful people and families live, work, invest and hold their family interests, to protect themselves?

Join us for a full day's conference on 22 May 2018 to examine a range of issues that are currently impacting wealth generators globally. In a time of increasing political turmoil we are asked by many clients to advise on how best to protect their success for themselves and future generations. Our conference will examine where successful people can live and invest, and how best they can protect their family interests in the face of a range of economic, social, political and technological threats.

We are delighted to announce that Alistair, Baron Darling of Roulanish will share his experiences as UK Chancellor during the financial crisis of 2008 and will give us the benefit of his perspective on the events which have flowed from the crisis over the last ten years and how they continue to shape the issues facing successful people today internationally.

The day will comprise of panel discussions and presentations by thought leaders from Withers and other leading organisations on the following topics:

  • Wealth planning in times of political uncertainty
  • Having a plan B: where to live in an uncertain world?
  • Citizenship and residency – who is offering what and why?
  • Digital assets and information: security in a world without borders
  • Investing across borders: protecting, structuring and realising the value of your investments
  • Where and how best to resolve personal and business disputes privately
  • Succession plans for global families and global assets

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Alistair, Baron Darling of Roulanish


Ten years on from the financial crisis of 2008 we are delighted to announce that our keynote speaker will be Alistair, Baron Darling of Roulanish, who will share his experiences as UK Chancellor during those momentous events and how they will continue to influence international issues facing successful people in years to come.

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