08 June 2012

With conversation

Here at Withers we love to keep our clients and contacts updated on matters that may affect them so we thought what better way to do this than with a blog. Our bloggers will be sharing their thoughts, whether that be on the impact of the latest legislation, what is going on in the press or an insight into life here at Withers. So to get the ball rolling I introduce you to…

Rupert Cowper-Coles (Reputation Management)

Rupert is a member of the media and reputation management team and will be discussing the trials and tribulations of life in the public eye. We are all potentially under scrutiny and under threat whether we are a public figure or private person, company or charity.  With a wealth of topical discussions in the press recently from phone hacking to the impact of social media Rupert and the team will have plenty to talk about.

Daniel Isaac (Employment)

Some of you may already be familiar with Daniel's tweets @tribunalmonkey, on employment issues and his love of good coffee .So we thought he deserved more than 140 characters. As a partner and a member of the employment team Daniel will discuss the pros and cons of life as a partner. With issues such as partnership rights, retirement and unfair dismissal to name but a few.

Peter Burgess

High profile divorce cases are regularly discussed in the press and with London still seen as the divorce capital of the world Peter will be blogging on all family issues from relationship breakdown, cohabitation, issues involving children, same sex marriages, pre nuptial agreements and much much more.


There are of course plenty of other practice areas at Withers and we hope to bring you further bloggers and guest bloggers in due course. If there are any discussions you would be interested in or practice groups you would like to hear from feel free to email me your suggestions at aon@withersworldwide.com

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