21 February 2013

Withers launches consultancy to help families and entrepreneurs

Withers Consulting Group (WCG) will provide innovative consulting services to family offices, complex family enterprises and entrepreneurs in order to help these clients achieve success as defined by them. From guiding entrepreneurs through the initial development of their business interests, to articulating a family’s shared purpose or developing a comprehensive governance design, WCG’s holistic approach addresses both the most important long term challenges that arise for the stewards of family wealth and the critical shorter term needs of entrepreneurs in the wealth creation phase.

WCG utilises a sophisticated consulting framework that brings together governance, family dynamics, organisational development and business strategy. The creation of the consultancy builds on Withers’ vast experience as a trusted advisor to families and their enterprises for over 100 years. Withers believes that there is a significant need for a new kind of non-legal consultancy for families and WCG has been created to provide this on an international scale. Ultimately WCG is about helping clients resolve issues and identify future risks that could undermine the future success and harmony of both their businesses and the family itself.

In announcing the launch of WCG, Withers is also pleased to add that it has retained two acknowledged leaders in the consulting field, Kenneth McCracken and Amelia Renkert-Thomas, to help lead the effort. Ken co-founded the highly-regarded firm Family Business Solutions (FBS), which has been an innovative consultant to family enterprises for over 15 years. Ken and Amy have been collaborating on international assignments since 2009. She is a former Withers partner and ran her family’s fifth generation manufacturing firm from 1990-2002. Ken McCracken will be based in the UK and Amy Renkert-Thomas in the US, giving the new consultancy global reach.

Margaret Robertson, Managing Director at Withers, comments, “This is a natural business progression for us, as the law firm of choice for families and entrepreneurs. WCG will help families articulate their strategic objectives and decide what they need to do to achieve them. It is not about providing concierge, compliance, banking advice or managing assets. In addition, we will not be competing with multi-family offices. We are delighted that Ken and Amy have agreed to head up this new business venture and share the impressive know how and practical experience they built at FBS.”

Ken McCracken adds, “Both Amy and I are excited to be joining forces with Withers, which is widely regarded as the world’s leading international law firm for advising entrepreneurs and families. We are confident that WCG will bring new capabilities and be an outstanding addition to this increasingly sophisticated and complex market.”

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